Architectural Coatings

Our easy-to-use family of architectural sealants and paints, with anti-corrosion and water-proof properties, is guaranteed to deliver high-quality results.


is an anti-rust primer that must be retained against the weather, so that iron and metals are protected from corrosivity.


is iron and wood paint which has bright and shiny colors. Has resistance to mold and weather, so the color does not change for a long time.


Water proofing - sealant

Leakproof coating, to coat the surface of many pipe connections, AC ducting connections so as not to leak even coat the walls to avoid water seepage.

Zimate dan Zicco MARINE

One of the products that has just been launched, special iron paint for areas with high salt content. With the special formulation, it is designed so that it is not easily coorosive.

Our Project

Epoxy Sealant

Sealant dua komponen untuk beton, kayu, besi, keramik, dll. Two-component high-performance sealant for concrete, wood, metal, ceramic, etc.

Product Application

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